Workshops and Tours were organised for Monday 15 May 2017.
Bookings for these workshops and tours are now closed.

WORKSHOP: QAGOMA Learning and Public Engagement – developing audiences and working with communities

Staff from the Learning and Public Engagement departments at the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) will present on audience research and development through recent projects experiences. Fiona Neill and Laura Mudge will provide an overview of the approach to developing audiences within the QAGOMA Public Engagement department through programming initiatives and recent projects, with a specific focus on the Children’s Art Centre.

Terry Deen and Henri Van Noordenburg will present initial findings from the first round of regional arts education workshops delivered by the QAGOMA Learning Department in five regional venues across Queensland. The program, ‘Art as exchange’ is a pilot initiative that developed in response to regional galleries in Queensland expressing a desire to engage with ideas and practice in context. This along with the urgent need to address access and funding issues specific to arts education in Queensland communities prompted QAGOMA Learning staff to work directly with educators across Queensland as an act of exchange, reflective evaluation and advocacy.

Start time: 9.15am
Duration: One hour
Meeting place: Lecture Theatre, Level 1, Queensland Art Gallery
Cost: Free of charge for conference delegates

QAGOMA – O’Keefe, Preston, Cossington Smith: Making Modernism Exhibition Tour

Join Dr Kyla MacFarlane, Assistant Curatorial Manager, Australian Art, QAGOMA, for a tour of Making Modernism, an exhibition that showcases the iconic art of Georgia O’Keeffe, one of the most significant American painters of the twentieth century, alongside modernist masterpieces by the celebrated and pioneering Australian artists, Margaret Preston and Grace Cossington Smith.

Start time: 10.30am
Duration: One hour
Meeting place: Making Modernism exhibition entrance, Level 1, Queensland Art Gallery
Cost: $14 (QAGOMA Members), $16 (Non-members)

Museum of Brisbane – Clock Tower Tour


City Hall Clock Tower. Photograph: Atmosphere Photography

Enjoy a trip up the Brisbane City Hall Clock Tower in a beautiful, old, hand-operated lift, and get a bird’s-eye view of the city.

The Clock Tower has been in operation since the opening of City Hall in 1930, and is 87.47 metres high with an observation platform at 64 metres, which people can walk out onto to absorb a unique view of Brisbane. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of visitors have taken a ride up to the Clock Tower. While the view from the observation deck has changed significantly over the past 80 years, it is still a time-honoured tradition to “go up the Clock Tower”, a tradition which happily continues at Museum of Brisbane.

Start time: A tour will depart every fifteen minutes from 9-11am
Duration: Fifteen minutes
Departing from: Museum of Brisbane, Level 3, City Hall
Cost: Free of charge
*Please note, you will need to bring ID to gain access to the Museum prior to 10am.

Museum of Brisbane – City Hall Tour

Main Foyer City Hall Brisbane

Main Foyer City Hall, Brisbane City Hall Tours. Photograph: Atmosphere Photography

Whether you are a local or a tourist to Brisbane, a guided tour provides an opportunity to learn something about the art, architecture and history of City Hall – the building lovingly known in Brisbane as “the People’s Place”.

Built between 1920 and 1930, the heritage-listed Brisbane City Hall is seen as the heart of Brisbane and has been the backdrop to many cultural, social and civic events. City Hall is the civic seat of the city and is home to the Lord Mayor and Deputy Mayor. It also plays host to community and corporate events each day and unlike a heritage home, it is a busy and active working building.

Start time: 9.15am
Duration: Approximately 45 minutes
Departing from: Main Foyer, Ground Floor, City Hall
Cost: Free of charge
*Please note, you will need to bring ID to gain access to the Museum prior to 10am.

Museum of Brisbane – Curator’s Introduction to 100% Brisbane Exhibition

100% Brisbane, Museum of Brisbane. Photography Russell Shakespeare

100% Brisbane, Museum of Brisbane. Photography Russell Shakespeare

Join Museum of Brisbane curator Phil Manning for an introduction to 100% Brisbane. One of the Museum’s most ambitious projects to date, 100% is the Museum’s semi-permanent exhibition.
In an exciting world-first, Museum of Brisbane has collaborated with celebrated Berlin based theatre company Rimini Protokoll to create an unforgettable interactive exhibition experience which brings together 100 residents who currently call Brisbane home. Fascinating and deeply moving, their personal stories will be revealed alongside beliefs and attitudes that shape who we are, creating a real-time snapshot of our city.

Start time: 9.45am
Duration: 15 minute introduction followed by self exploration of the exhibition
Departing from: The Dome Lounge, Museum of Brisbane, Level 3, City Hall*
Cost: Free of charge
*Please note, you will need to bring ID to gain access to the Museum prior to 10am.

Public Art Walking Tour hosted by Brisbane Greeters

Discover 200 million years of history, culture and art on a 2 hour walk around South Bank, hosted by Brisbane Greeter, Blair Allsop.

Imagine uncovering a garden of ‘living fossils’, see what 200 wood carvers from Nepal can create, follow the story of three young migrants to Australia, hear about great sailing ships – from the last of the English Tea Clippers to the smallest boat to cross the Pacific, learn about the underground Olympic Swimming Pool, sample food fresh from the garden, gaze at art inspired by Flo Bjelke Petersen. All this within a short stroll from the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre!

Start time: 10.00am
Duration: 2 hours
Departing from: Grey Street Lobby, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Cost: Free for conference delegates

State Library of Queensland – Curator’s Tour: Don’t Just Count Us, Let Us Count

SLQ ACPATen years ago, students of the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts (ACPA) researched and wrote a stage show called Reflections: Referendum 40 years and to the future and performed at Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) under the Artistic Direction of Leah Purcell.

The show was a creative response to the 1967 Referendum, when Australians voted overwhelmingly to amend the constitution to include Aboriginal people in the census and allow the Commonwealth to create laws for them.

Learn about this historic milestone through the eyes of ACPA students as they reflect on the creative process, research and the performance which shaped who they are today and impacted their understanding of our freedoms as Australian Indigenous people.

Start time: 9.00am
Duration: 45 minutes
Meeting place: kuril dhagun, Level 1, State Library of Queensland
Cost: Free of charge

State Library of Queensland – Guided Tour: Digital Futures lab

SLQdigitalWelcome to the future.

Technology has given us new tools through which to question, understand, imagine, re-imagine and improve the world in which we live. Not only is technology substantially changing our economy but also our leisure activities, our political processes, and how we communicate with each other. Digital literacy has opened up new frontiers for collaboration, connection, and sharing.  We are witnessing a change in the nature of work, people are living longer and healthier lives, and new kinds of activism and internationalism are emerging.

Part laboratory, studio, game space and exhibition, the Digital Futures lab offers provocations and immersive experiences for visitors of all ages. Here you can discover smart cities and digital bodies, real life robots and risky algorithms, immerse yourself in virtual worlds, learn mindfulness from a machine, and share your dreams and predictions for the future.

Start time: 10.00am
Duration: 45 minutes
Departing from: SLQ Gallery, Level 2, State Library of Queensland
Cost: Free of charge

State Library of Queensland – Guided Tour: Freedom Then, Freedom Now

SLQ FreedomFrom citizenship, censorship and the collective good to marriage, miniskirts and mortgages, what are the freedoms that Queenslanders take for granted?

Freedom Then, Freedom Now is an intriguing journey into our recent past, exploring the freedoms enjoyed and restricted in Queensland, and examines what happens when individual rights intersect with collective good. This exhibition draws on SLQ’s extensive collections to reminisce, reflect on and explore freedoms lost and won in Queensland.

Start time: 10.00am
Duration: 45 minutes
Meeting place: Philip Bacon Heritage Gallery, Level 4, State Library of Queensland
Cost: Free of charge

State Library of Queensland – Workshop: Collection Care – Physical, Digital and Disasters!

SLQ workshopCaring for collections is intensive work at the best of times but what do you do when faced with a disaster? Presented by SLQ’s expert staff, this session will discuss best practice for caring for collections, both digital and physical, when disaster hits.

Chaired by Catherine Cottle, Curator, Digital Collections
Grant Collins is the Manager, Collection Preservation
Rachel Spano is Senior Conservator, Collection Preservation
Leif Ekstrom is Coordinator, Visual Media, Collection Preservation
Catherine Cottle is Curator, Digital Collections with Queensland Memory

Start time: 9.00am
Duration: 2 hours
Venue: White Gloves Room, Level 4, State Library of Queensland
Cost: Free of charge

State Library of Queensland – Workshop: The WELCOME Toolkit – a Simple Community Engagement Framework

The WELCOME Toolkit stands for ‘We Love the Community Outreach Model of Engagement’. It is a simple checklist to help guide planning, developing and evaluating community outreach and engagement strategies aimed at hard-to-reach groups and non-members.  It was developed for use with public libraries however it can be applicable to the GLAM sector. This workshop will utilise the WELCOME Toolkit to work through the questions we need to ask and answer to develop effective engagement strategies. It asks staff to use their own expertise, but also provides some guidance for knowing when and how to draw on the expertise of others.

Presented by Deb Miles (Executive Manager of Regional Partnerships, SLQ) and Michelle Hughes (Co-ordinator of Public Library Services, SLQ).

Start time: 9.00am
Duration: 2 hours
Venue: Heritage Collections Learning Room, Level 4, State Library of Queensland
Cost: Free of charge

100 Ways to Listen – sound walk and installations

100 Ways to Listen explores the art and science of sound through experiments, installations, performances and sonic interventions. Responding to the digital landscapes theme, this experience will involve an augmented reality sound walk that uses GPS points along South Bank to trigger audio based on location and movement. The sound walk will be followed by a series of micro performances and installations with faculty and students from the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. These will include the PIANO (Performance Interaction and Augmented Noise Object) and Sculptural Sonic Agents.

Date: Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 May 2017
Start time: 5.30pm
Duration: 1 hour
Departing from: the Red Steps, the Conservatorium (Griffith University), 114 Grey Street, South Brisbane
Cost: Included in full registrations

Please note, a smart device is required for the full experience. Please download the app: Echoes.XYZ prior to the tour.