11.30am – 1.00pm

Opening plenary, featuring international keynote presenter

Dea Birkett, Creative Director, Kids in Museums, UK
‘I don’t think museums are boring anymore’ What ten years has taught Kids in Museums about a family friendly welcome

DeaBirkettDea Birkett is Creative Director of Kids in Museums, the visitor-led organisation working with museums, galleries and heritage sites to make them more welcoming of children and families – in particular those who have never visited before. She is passionate about advocating the importance of museums in providing experiences, opportunities and ambitions to young people. Dea will present we on the Kids in Museums Manifesto and initiatives for engaging young people and families in museums and galleries such as Takeover Day. The annual Kids in Museums Manifesto is the foremost family friendly audit document in the museum and arts sector.

Dea is also an award-winning writer and journalist and a contributor to the Guardian, Mail on Sunday as well as a regular commentator for the BBC.


Kids in Museums is the UK’s nationwide charity working with over 900 museums to help support them to become more welcoming of families and children, in particular those who haven’t visited before. It is the only organisation in the world which works nationally to deliver a programme of this kind. The axis around which Kids in Museums revolves is the Kids in Museums Manifesto – 20 ways to make your museum family friendly compiled from visitors’ and family comments. From this evolving document national campaigns like the Family Friendly Museum Award and Takeover Day (an annual day on which museums are run by young people) have evolved. Dea Birkett, founder and Creative Director of Kids in Museums, will explore how the Manifesto works, why it is such an important tool in driving family friendliness, and how museums throughout Australia can be part of it.

How the Kids in Museums Manifesto can create a place of excitement and learning for families – and how you can be part of that movement.